Msgr. Ray East

Msgr. Ray East is a nationally recognized speaker and Pastor of St. Teresa of Avila Parish in Washington, D.C.

Jonathan Reyes

Dr. Jonathan Reyes is the Assistant General Secretary for Integral Human Development for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Executive Director for Justice Peace and Human Development. Before going to Washington DC, he helped co-found Christ in the City and the Augustine Institute, served as President and CEO of Catholic Charities in Denver, served as Vice President for FOCUS and was a professor and the Academic Vice President for Christendom College. He was a Rackham Graduate Fellow at the University of Michigan and completed his doctoral studies in intellectual History from the University of Notre Dame

Dr. Tim Gray, Augustine Institute

Dr. Gray is the President of the Augustine Institute in Denver, CO. He holds a PhD in Biblical Studies from Catholic University of America, a ThM degree in Scripture from Duke University and an MA degree in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is the author of 5 Best Selling Catholic Books & Commentaries, has four series’ on EWTN, and is a nationally recognized conference speaker.  Dr. Gray resides in Littleton, Colorado.

Eric Groth, President/CEO and Executive Producer ODB Films

Eric Groth is President/CEO of ODB Films. He has served as directory of high school campus ministries at Boylan Catholic High School in Rockford, IL and coordinator of evangelization programs for Cultivation Ministries. ODB Films is an award-winning not-for-profit Catholic video production ministry. Over the past 13 years, ODB has produced 250 short films, including the 60-film Video Catechism series for teens. In January 2016, ODB released its first feature film, Full of Grace. The film received a Gabriel Award for “Best Family Feature” in June 2016. Partnering with Sony AFFIRM Films, ODB launched its first theatrical release, Paul, Apostle of Christ. 

T.J. Berden, VP of Development & Production for ODB Films

T.J. is VP of Development and Production for ODB Films, dedicated to artfully made, spiritually rich films. After graduating from Loyola University Chicago, T.J. moved to Hollywood working on the marketing campaigns for speciality films such as Expelled, The Stoning of Soraya M., Waiting for ‘Superman’ and The Tree of Life.  In 2014, alongside President/CEO of ODB Films Eric Groth and Writer/Director Andrew Hyatt, T.J. produced Full of Grace, an award-winning film distributed via Cinedigm.  In 2018, he produced Paul, Apostle of Christ that was released by Sony Pictures, earning 22m+ world-wide.

Marie Miller

Marie Miller is a modern folk singer-songwriter from Virginia who often blends a mesh of modern folk, pop and country. Her first single from the EP, “You’re Not Alone” was supported by CMT and VH1, and was downloaded over 100,000 times on Amazon.com. Miller’s second single “6’2” was featured on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. In September 2015 she played for Pope Francis and 750,000 people in Philadelphia for the Festival of Families. She plays mandolin, guitar, piano and bouzouki.


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